Saturday, December 18, 2010

Philadelphia Evacuation Plan – Early 1950s

Did our post on the Philadelphia fallout shelter business boom of 1961-1962 leave you wanting more on the City of Brotherly Love’s Cold War past? Well, we’ve dug up another item from our archives. It is a fold-out “pocket folder” (to be carried at “all times”) that instructs the nervous, early-1950s Philadelphian how to split town in a hurry in the event of an atomic attack.

This post is best read with a Geno’s cheesesteak…to go!

Philly Evac-Cvr   
Philly Evac map

Philly-Evac Instructions 


Philly-Warning Signs


Wyatt said...

That is the most fantastic thing I have ever seen! I guess they did one better than "Duck and Cover" . . . again, as long as you include the cheesesteak, that is.

Unknown said...

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