Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cuban Missile Crisis Recovered Memories: LBJ’S Helicopter Pick-Up Points


Shortly after the dark storm of the Cuban Missile Crisis had passed, government emergency planners put together a document that detailed the many different places where Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson could catch a helicopter ride to an undisclosed bunker. Some of these locations are predictable (the parking lot of the CIA) and others are more interesting (the athletic field of Wilson High School—go Tigers!).

The Cuban Missile Crisis has always been about the Kennedys, so it is nice to be able to present at least one strange recovered memory in this series about LBJ. 

LBJ Pick-Up Points


“Helicopter Pickup Points in the Event of an Emergency Evacuation of the Vice President,” November 1, 1962, Vice President Security File, Box 5, Emergency Evacuation Instructions Folder, Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library.


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