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Nixon Fund Contributors

On September 22, 1952 the New York Herald Tribune published the names of all of the people who had contributed to Senator Richard M. Nixon's controversial expense fund. The information was released to the media by the fund's trustee, Dana Smith, a Pasadena, California lawyer. The following day, September 23, 1952, the vice presidential nominee went on national television to give his famous "Checkers" speech. CONELRAD will be publishing much more on the speech next month.

Herbert Hoover, Jr. and John J. Garland
The text presented below is a verbatim transcript from the Herald Tribune story. Aside from Herbert Hoover, Jr., the most notable contributor is H.R. Haldeman's father, Henry (100 bucks!). 

Adams, Earl C., San Marino, lawyer, $200.
Allen, W. Herbert, Pasadena, title insurance, $250.
Anderson, W.A., Los Angeles, $500.
Arden, Thomas T. La Habra, Manufacturer, $200.
Bacon, John B.C., Pasadena, retired, $100.
Beal, Carlton, Los Angeles, $300.
Bixby, Fred H., Long Beach, rancher, $250 (deceased).
Bixby, Llewellyn Jr., Long Beach rancher, $250.
Brennan, Bernard C., Glendale, lawyer, $250.
Brown, Scott, Pasadena, retired, $100 (listed for $200 additional donation).
Burkee, Rodney S., Los Angeles, Lane-Wells Company, $200 (listed for $100 additional donation).
Burnham, John, Rancho Santa Fe, retired, $500.
Bush, R. R., Pasadena oil, $300 (deceased).
Butler, Cooley, Los Angeles, engineer, $300.
Butler, Wallace P., Los Angeles, engineer, $200.
Campbell, Robert B., Pasadena, lawyer, $100.
Carlson, George O., Los Angeles, $250.
Clayton, Benjamin, Pasadena, retired, $250.
Clayton, William, Pasadena, manufacturer, $250.
Coberly, W.B. Jr., Los Angeles, cotton and oil man, $300 (listed for $300 additional donation).
Crail, Joe, Los Angeles, lawyer, $200.
Crites, Arthur S., Bakersfield, retired, $100.
Dobbs, Walter V., Pasadena, $200.
Drown, Jack, Long Beach, news dealer, $150.
Ducommun, Charles E., Los Angeles, steel wholesaler, $300 (also listed for $250 additional donation).
Eaton, Rea, San Marino, stock broker, $150.
Essick, Bryant, Los Angeles, manufacturer, $100.
Garland, John J., San Marino, real-estate man, $200.
Ghormley, A.M., Los Angeles, dairyman, $250.
Gilmore, Earl, Los Angeles, oil man, $250.
Goethe, C.M., Sacramento, $25
Graham, Paul, Arcadia , rock and sand, $250.
Haldeman, Henry F., Los Angeles, $100.
Holt, Frank, Los Angeles, dairyman, $250.
Hoover, Herbert, Jr., Pasadena, engineer, $250 (listed for double donation totaling $500).
Howard, Charles, Jr., Los Angeles, automobile dealer, $100.
Hubbard, William B., Los Angeles, manufacturer, $150.
Hunter, Robert O., Riverside, $300.
Jorgensen, Earle M., Los Angeles, steel manufacturer, $150.
Kerns, Henry, San Gabriel, automobile dealer, $150.
Klein, Mortimer O., Los Angeles, lawyer, $200.
Knudsen, Thomas R., Glendale, dairyman, $250.
Lindroth, Mrs. Leonard A., San Marino, $10.
Ludwig, Dr. J. Lafe, Los Angeles, physician, $150.
Luts, Harold H., Whittier, $125.
Marble, John E., South Pasadena, retired, $500.
McClellan, H.C., $250.
McKenzie, J.W., Los Angeles, $200.
Miller, E.B., Long Beach, contractor, $250.
Milner, Reese L., Beverly Hills, $300.
Norris, K. T., Los Angeles, manufacturer, $500.
Pike, Thomas P., San Marino, oil drilling, $100.
Pryne, Philip D., $250.
Robinson, Elwood, Los Angeles, advertising man, $250.
Rowan, George Robert and Louis, Los Angeles, real estate, $500.
Salvatore, Henry, Los Angeles, lawyer, $250.
Saunders, David G., Los Angeles, lawyer, $100.
Seaver, Frank R., Los Angeles, Hydrile-Inter-American Comapny, $250.
Smith, Dana C., Pasadena, lawyer, $300.
Smith, Hulet P., Arcadia, mortgage business, $100.
Smith, Walker, Pasadena, mortgage business, $100.
Spalding, Keith, Pasadena, retired, $500 (listed for an additional $500).
Spear, Jean, Los Angeles, $250.
Taylor, John D., Los Angeles, printing, $250.
Valentine, Edward R., $250.
Van Nuys, J.B., $500 (listed for second donation of $100).
Whittier, Donald W., Pasadena, oil, $100.
Whittier, N. Paul, Pasadena, oil, $125.
Wig, R.J., $500.
Winnett, P.G., $250.
Woodward, Mrs. Helen W., Los Angeles, $125.
Woodward, Tyler, Los Angeles, oil, $250.

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