Sunday, September 19, 2010

DAISY GIRL EXHIBIT SERIES D: Monique Corzilius Portfolio Selections

With the exception of the Daisy ad screen captures, CONELRAD obtained all of the following photographs and film stills from the Corzilius family. These images comprise a gallery of Monique ‘Cozy’ Corzilius’s professional modeling career and demonstrate the facial similarities to the Daisy Girl. Many of these photographs were maintained in scrapbooks that CONELAD’s Bill Geerhart examined during his interview visit with Monique and her father in September of 2009.

Exhibit 1-D [Monique Cozy Daisy Ad / Kool Pops Comparison]

Comparison Kids TEST

Monique ‘Cozy’ Corzilius appeared in a Kool Pops ad approximately a year after she starred in the Daisy spot in 1964. This collage contains images from both ads to enable side-by-side examination. The two left-hand photos are from the Daisy ad and the four right hand photos are from the Kool Pops ad.

Note: The Kool Pops commercial was originally shot in color, but CONELRAD is presenting the images in black and white here for comparison purposes. To see the Kool Pops ad, click here.

Exhibit 2-D [Monique Corzilius Baby Photo]


Monique from approximately 1962-1963

Exhibit 3-D [Monique Cozy Mary Ellen White (M.E.W.) Company Modeling Sheet # 1]

Monique Cozy-Model Sheet-Early

A modeling sheet from approximately 1964.

Exhibit 4-D [Monique Cozy Mary Ellen White (M.E.W.) Company Modeling Sheet # 2]

Monique Cozy-Model Sheet

A modeling sheet from approximately 1965.

Exhibit 5-D [Monique Cozy Lipton Soup Print Ad]

Good Housekeeping-12-1965-pg-161

From Good Housekeeping, page 161, December 1965 issue.

Exhibit 6-D [Monique Cozy Polio Sugar Cube Print Ad]

Readers Digest-Nov-1964-pg-16

From Reader’s Digest, page 16, November 1964

Exhibit 7-D [Monique Cozy Velveeta Cheese Print Ad]

Womans Day -06-1965-pg-17

From Woman’s Day, page 17, June 1965

Exhibit 8-D [Monique Cozy Alyssa Orlon Print Ad]


From Children’s Fashions, page 5, August 15, 1965

Exhibit 9-D [Monique Cozy Sears Catalog Fall and Winter 1965 Cover]

Sears Catalog-Fall-Winter-1965

Exhibit 10-D [Monique Cozy Helen Lee Ad]


Monique is the center child in this 1965 advertisement.

Exhibit 11-D [Monique Cozy Vogue Children Fall 1965]


Monique and friends in a Health-tex Standtogs ad

Exhibit 12-D [Monique Cozy McCall’s Catalog Cover]


Monique in approximately 1965.

Exhibit 13-D [Monique Cozy Kodak Print Ad]


Monique in a Kodak ad from approximately 1965.

Exhibit 14-D [Monique Cozy Posed with Flowers]

Monique Flowers-a

From approximately 1965: Monique co-stars with flowers…again.

Exhibit 15-D [Monique Outdoors in Green]


Monique looks to the sky in a 1965 photograph.

Exhibit 16-D [Monique Cozy Nesquik Print Ad]


Monique from approximately 1965.

Exhibit 17-D [Monique Cozy Prudential Insurance Print Ad]


From Life Magazine, page 67, June 25, 1965

Exhibit 18-D [Monique Cozy Fortress of Solitude Shot]


Monique in an unidentified print ad from approximately 1966

Exhibit 19-D [Monique Cozy Headshot]


Monique from approximately 1966-1967

Exhibit 20-D [Springmaid of the Month Print Ad]


Monique was Springmaid’s “Miss March” in a print ad that ran in Vogue Children’s Spring/Summer 1967 edition (pages 12-13). The ad was also published in the New York Times Magazine on March 12, 1967 (pages 48-49). (We’re guessing that Peggy Olson of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce had nothing to do with this particular campaign…).

Exhibit 21-D [1966 Velveeta print ad]

Womans Day-09-1966-pg-79

Velveeta print ad from Woman’s Day magazine, September, 1966, page 79.

Exhibit 22-D [Daisy Girl / Daisy Woman]

Child Adult Comparison

Monique, 1964 / Monique, 2009 (daisies courtesy of CONELRAD)

Fine Print: All of the archival images and documents used in this article were provided to CONELRAD by the Corzilius family and they are used with exclusive permission. No images or documentation from this article may be reproduced without the written permission of the Corzilius family.


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